Family owned and operated, we take pride in our efforts as a family leaning on each other to succeed in every day life. We learn together, we work together, we succeed and fail together. This is what makes our operation thrive – depending on one another to move our operation to the next level!


Every day is a new day. No matter the task, hard work and determination propels our family to keep the family legacy going strong. We take hard work seriously working together to create success in our operation and every day life.


Patience, planning and believing in ourselves and the future of our operation has led us to where we are today. Things don’t happen overnight, but by leaning on each other we feel that is the best way to achieve our goals.

Our Operation

Butler Polled Herefords is owned and operated by Jimmie, Andrea and Joel Butler along with Cody, Jocelyn and Kyla Jo Washam. Located in the beautiful fescue country of southwest Missouri, the operation today consists of over 150 head of Hereford and commercial cattle near Republic, MO. Family, good cattle and hard work are what drive us to get up every day and do what we do. Our operation dates back to the early 40’s when Jimmie’s dad, Wayne, showed Shropshire sheep and followed by expanding the operation with dairy and Hereford cattle.

With a century of Hereford history in our background, we look forward to sharing how our operation has evolved over time with our visitors. Our family continues to build upon what previous generations started. Advancing modern practices of today have propelled our cattle for future generations. We believe strongly in making our cattle and the land better with each passing day.

We take pride in the cattle we sell. Whether it’s a bull going into a commercial setting or a high end show heifer prospect to a junior member, we stand behind our cattle and we look forward to assisting you in any way, from selection, getting them to the show ring, mating decisions and beyond. We want our customers to be shown integrity and honesty from our operation through sound, dependable genetics that work.

Visitors are always welcome! We would love to show you around our operation and talk Hereford cattle!


Bidding opens at 5:30 PM on Saturday, September 9. Heifers will have a base price and bids can be placed until 8:00 PM that night. Bidding will increase by $250 increments. At 8:00 PM, bidding closes and the person with the highest bid will win the bid. 

If you are not able to be present that night, phone bids may be placed from 5:30-8:00 PM by calling Jimmie 417-838-4095, Joel 417-838-3665, or Cody 417-489-5450.


Our Priorities

We make each and every decision based on these simple principles

  • Real-world genetics that will work in all environments. Sound and functional cattle are the main focus of our cowherd.
  • Females must look like females. They must be consistent, efficient and produce offspring that will create the next generation of cattle with phenotype and solid EPD’s.
  • Our bulls must work for both purebred and commercial operations. We believe in producing breeding bulls that are sound, good-footed, have some power and dimension and backed by a solid set of numbers.
  • We take pride in our cattle and how we raise and manage them. We take an even greater appreciation of caring for the land and leaving it better than it was before.
  • Customer service is a must. We appreciate those who have invested and believe in our program and genetics.

About Us

Private Treaty Bull Sales

Our bulls are developed with the seedstock and commercial producer in mind. We don’t overfeed our bulls. By getting a moderate grain ration, our bulls are in their “working clothes” and ready to cover the females in your herd. We believe in producing breeding bulls that are sound, good-footed, have some power and dimension and are backed by a solid set of numbers.

Maternal Excellence Sale

Our Maternal Excellence sales are every April and September of the calendar year. Each sale, we offer a set of show heifer prospects that come from the best in our herd. These heifers must excel phenotypically, but more importantly are backed by strong cow families and solid EPD’s. Look for more information coming soon about our 2023 sales.


Home-raised Missouri beef from the heart our operation. Grass fed and grain finished, our superior beef product will leave your family with a superb dining experience. Tender, flavorful beef will leave your family satisfied. Contact us for more information about processing dates and beef availability.